World Environment Day Essay

World Environment day essay – The environment is the entire universe and the living world it is not only includes humans being but also all animals trees plants natural vegetation etc a clean environment is very important to leave a peaceful and healthy life but our environment is getting destroyed day by day it also gets polluted by us.

World Environment Day Essay 

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to implement new and effective plans to address environmental issues to make the environment better suffer and healthy are it was declared by the United Nations general assembly in 1972 during the inauguration of a special conference for the environment called the “stockholm Conference on the Human Environment”.

World Environment Day is the most important day to spread awareness about environment among people all over the world as well as to encourage positive actions about a clean and beautiful environment on earth.

It is celebrated with a lot of preparations as a major event of the year during which political attention and public functions are in hands these day was established with various plans agent does and objectives to remove all environmental issues from this planet and make it a truly beautiful planet

It was necessary to established this special program to focus on environmental program and for people to face environmental issues it celebrations helps us understand the important of a healthy environment for our healthy leaves as well as empowering the public to be active agents of sustainable and environmentally friendly development around the world it spreads the common understanding among people that there attitude towards environmental issues need to be changed to ensure the availability of a suffer and more prosperous future for all countries and peoples the word Environment Day campaign is run by the United nation environment program it is headquarter in Nairobi Kenya but it celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide.

Eat establish in 1972 but was celebrated for the first time in 1973 world environmental is celebrated first time with a slogan only one earth it’s first you program is organise every year with different themes to different cities world environment is celebrated through the international cooperation of the people the theme of World Environment Day celebration 2016 was fight against illegal trade in wildlife for life and host country Angola.

It focuses on a bringing people of all countries on one track and their famous on trackling climate change and improving the management of forests every world environmental has different team and slogans so of the topics includes water conservation prevention of global warming and biodiversity conservation China hostate the 2019 World Environment Day and the theme was best year pollution the host for 2020 World Environment Day in Columbia partnered with Germany.

The theme for this year is biodiversity with the hashtag for nature the idea is to address the recent events affecting biodiversity and as well as the human population this includes bus fires in Brazil Australia and the US the dangerous locus infestations in East Africa which is said to be one of the world out brakes to occur in a long time and the deadly pendemic co-ed 19 affection millions.

World Environment Day is global platform to help our environment it is not only to protect our home but to protect the home of many living spices on Earth it helps to promote sustainable development to ensure that future generations have resources and clean environment it is celebrated with the many creative activity search as plantation culture activities by student drawing painting quiz competition debates lectures is a writing banner demonstrations speech reading etc on topic related to environment tell protection.

What to we do on World Environment Day?

On World Environment Day we all take a day of from our work and join various campaigns to spread awareness about environment protection more ever we all plan small saplings in brain land so that it may grow and florish in the land area after some years after we take part in various process to make people aware of these day so that the many also take part in protecting in environment


The whole idea of World Environment Day is to create a nature and beautiful world free of pollution or any others scarcity of natural resources one shoulled always be conscious of their activities and style to keep our surroundings clean and healthy protect the natural resources and use them in and efficient and careful manner.

Benning plastic recycling saving water planting more trees saving wildlife and animals are some of the steps which played us to a better environment plant Earth is a beautiful place but we human being have destroy it for our selfish needs which have late to pollution scarcity of water and untitiness etc.

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